Tips For Removing Trash From Your House In An Efficient Manner

You probably don't spend a ton of time thinking about what's in your trash can, but if you have a large project coming up that will create a lot of garbage, you might need to be smart about how you organize said garbage if you actually want your local residential garbage man to pick it up for you. Here's how you take control of your trash situation.

Compact It Yourself

If you know you will have more trash than normal this week, you can take steps to compact it yourself before you put it into the can. For example, empty cardboard boxes can be opened on all sides and then flattened so that there is no wasted space when they go into the can. Tie a good knot on your trash bag and then place pressure on it, and you will likely be able to fit more into the garbage or recycling bin than you think you can.

Use a Trash Removal Service for Large, Bulky or Hazardous Items

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you just won't be able to fit everything into the garbage or recycling bin. Some items might be too large to fit, and there are certain items that your local trash man won't even bother picking up, particularly if the item is massive in size or contains something hazardous. For these items, you should contact a trash removal service to come to your house separately from the residential pick-up service. Yes, this service costs money, but it will ensure that you can get rid of everything you don't need and take back full control of your house.

Use a Dumpster During a Big Project

If you are doing construction or any other kind of big renovation, don't even bother trying to cram everything into one garbage bin or can. Rent a dumpster from a local trash removal service, and you'll have plenty of room to move trash and debris around until the project is over. 

You probably don't keep trash removal at the top of your mind, but if you know you'll be doing some holiday cleaning this year or working on a big project that is sure to generate trash, start planning in advance for how you are going to get it all removed from your property. For best results, contact a local trash service to either rent a dumpster or schedule a pick up of especially large or troublesome items.