From Garage To Fence Line: Things You Will Need To Completely Overhaul Your Landscape

A fixer-upper property often has more to fix up than most people realize. If this is where your property is at, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Starting with a garage that looks like it will fall over any second to the yard enclosed by chicken wire fencing, it is time to tackle these projects head-on. Here are all of the things you will need to take on your garage and landscaping.

Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Commercial dumpsters rentals are a definite need for a project this big. You will need one for all of the building materials you tear down out of and off of the leaning garage. You will need a second one for tree, shrub, and brush debris. Finally, you will need a third dumpster for dirt and soil that is excavated in order to redo the garage and level your yard for planting.

A Front Loader (or Two)

A front loader is a piece of construction equipment that has a large, toothed shovel on the front, equipped with hydraulic arms for lifting debris up and carrying it to one of the dumpsters. This machine, in its fullest size, can crash through the walls and roof of the leaning garage to help tear it down. Then it will clear the debris. Finally, a front loader can help scoop and scrape soil to make it all the same level. If you want the job to go faster, rent two of these machines—one to work the garage, and the other to work the yard.

Chainsaw, Log Splitter, and Stump Grinder

While you are busily renting all of the above, do not forget to rent a log splitter and a stump grinder for any trees you want to remove. If you do not have a chainsaw, then rent that too, preferably one that can cut tree trunks up to twelve inches in diameter. Be sure to cut all the trees in such a way that they fall toward the downed garage or inward toward your own yard and not your neighbor's.

Remove the branches, cut them into logs, and then let the log splitter turn them into firewood. Use the stump grinder to grind the stumps into sawdust and powder before you being to smooth out the land and prep it for a new fence. Once everything is down, cleared, and level, you can begin rebuilding and planting fresh landscapes.