Are You Having A Container Rental Delivered? Tips To Help You Prepare Before Your Container Arrives

If you are having a renovation done in your home or simply discarding a lot of junk from your home, you may be renting a container or dumpster. This allows you to dispose of a lot of things at once, without having to make multiple trips to the dump or garbage refuse center in your area. However, before the rental is dropped off, there are a few things that you should do to make the process easier on both you and the delivery driver. Here are a few tips you should follow to help you prepare for your upcoming container:

Learn Your HOA Rules

If you live in a community with an HOA, they may have rules about how long a container or dumpster can be on your property and where it can be placed. Some may require they go in your driveway, rather than on the street or in your yard. Others may only limit you to having the container for a few days at a time. Always make sure you know what the rules are so yours can be properly placed and picked up when needed so you are not fined. 

Determine Where You Will Be Placing the Container

Before your container comes, take the time to determine where you will be placing it. And then measure to ensure it will fit. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the dumpster will fit in their garage or in their driveway. However, they may have ordered one that is longer than the space that they intended on placing it at. This leaves the driver sitting around waiting while you try to determine where to place it instead. Always measure it out ahead of time so you are prepared and know exactly where it will go. 

Trim Back Trees

The height of the container you are renting should be listed on the website of the company you are renting from. Before your dumpster is dropped off, take the time to trim back your trees. If your tree branches are in the way, it can prevent the driver from being able to drop off the dumpster safely. Also, keep in mind that the dumpster will be on a raised bed. As such, you should add an extra 12 to 18 inches of height to the dumpster to ensure there is enough clearance as they lower the dumpster down from the bed when dropping it off and raise it up when taking it away. 

Lay Down a Tarp or Cardboard

If you are having it placed on a decorative driveway, you may want to consider laying down a tarp or pieces of cardboard before the container arrives. This helps to prevent the decorative concrete or paver surface from getting scratched as the dumpster is dropped off or picked up. 

If you have never rented a dumpster before, you may be unsure of what to do before the dumpster arrives. Knowing what steps to take can help ensure that drop off is a breeze for both you and the container rental company. 

Contact a company that offers a container rental in your area for more information and assistance.