Tips for Making the Most of and Properly Disposing of Batteries

You are likely aware that you should not dispose of batteries in regular trash receptacles. Unfortunately, some people choose to do this despite the harmful effects batteries can have on the environment and the safety issues posed by improper disposals. The following information will guide you into finding better options for old batteries.

Reuse batteries from everyday items.

Some of the items you own may require more battery power than others. For example, a portable radio requires more battery power than a remote control. Therefore, when batteries get weak from portable radios or similar devices, it is worth trying them in a remote control or wall clock. Batteries that do not work in low power devices are most likely dead, but they still need to be disposed of correctly.

Invest in rechargeable batteries.

If you find that you are frequently replacing batteries, consider paying more upfront for rechargeable batteries. You may be able to buy a starter kit that includes the batteries and charger. Rechargeable batteries do not last indefinitely, so you will still need to plan for proper disposal at some point. 

Save old batteries until you have a significant quantity to recycle.

Some people throw batteries in their regular trash because they falsely assume that one or two batteries here and there in the wastebasket are not a huge deal. Think about what would happen if thousands of other people practiced this same sort of thinking and behavior. A better approach is to find something to store your old batteries in. Tape the battery ends to prevent the acid in them from leaking out. When your container is full, arrange to take them to an appropriate disposal location in your jurisdiction.

If you have a large quantity of various types of batteries from different sources, it might be better to arrange a pickup from a company that specializes in handling hazardous wastes. For example, if you have standard batteries, car batteries, lawn mower batteries and cell phone batteries, you would likely be better off having a professional company pick the items up. Keep in mind that the correct procedure for battery disposal varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, some cities may have a program at their landfill that accepts old batteries, and others may rely on private businesses to accept certain old batteries, such as car batteries.

A hazardous waste company, such as Spruce City Sanitary Services Ltd., is the best resource to use for more ideas to help prevent batteries from entering landfills. They can also educate you about preventing other harmful things from entering landfills. Examples of other things that require special discarding consideration are paint, solvents, biohazardous waste and tires.